Knitting Needle Holder


Check out the sweet knitting-needle holder that Molly made for my for my birthday:

What’s that you say? Where are the needles? Why, let’s just untie that lovely bow.

Et voilà!

Also included were those wooden needles on the far right. The skinny blue metal ones? I learned how to knit using those when I was 8. My mom used to make large afghans in a square pattern with size 17 or 18 needles. She’d cast on 64 stitches using FOUR skeins at a time, and then do 8 knit, 8 purl for 8 rows, and then do the opposite, so it was kind of checkerboard pattern.

I am pretty sure there is a blanket floating around somewhere where I tried to do this pattern and found that I do not have the patience for counting stitches like that. I then tried to do a straight-knit blanket on her large needles (and proceeded to sit on the plastic needles and break them). It came out loose.

I eventually settled on two skeins at a time, usually of differing colors on size 11 needles. I just cast on until I can’t fit anymore stitches on the needle and then just go back and forth. I only average about one blanket a year. At the most. They come out looking like this:

There is one blanket on the needles right now (it is not very large) that my grandmother requested.

Other than hats crocheted in a round, I don’t do much else 🙂 Oh man, I wish I could find the picture of all those hats I made for Charlie before he was born. I hear that his head is too large for all of them now. Sad.


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