The End of Painting


Remember when we painted the living room/loft/kitchen/hallway? Yeah. That was fun. We were so over painting that we declared we’d wait for a three-day weekend before tackling the last rooms in the house: our master bedroom/bathroom. We wanted a three-day weekend so we could move all the furniture out, paint, air it out, and then move it all back in.

Well, there was MLK Jr Day, President’s Day, César Chavez Day…and no painting occurred. So we finally manned up and decided to paint over the Memorial Day weekend.
(We also went to two baby birthday parties, two bbqs, one “meet my girlfriend” dinner, and went to Ikea twice.)

On Friday, this occured:
Everything from our bedroom got moved out into the living room. While it was kind of bright in the morning for sleeping, the whole having a bed in the middle of the living room was actually kind of squashy and nice.

Bookshelves got moved upstairs, my desk moved downstairs. The first trip to Ikea was taken to evaluate nightstands. None of them really stood (ha) out to us. We also went to Target and looked there.

On Saturday, we went to Home Depot to get the paint re-shaken (it had been purchased many months previously) and to buy another gallon in semi-gloss for the bathroom. Did you know that Home Depot opens at 6a M-S? I did not.

One gallon (matte) later:
We ran out of paint. Sigh. Mike went back for more, and we finished painting the bedroom before going to the first baby birthday.

On Sunday, it rained and was windy and we painted the bathroom and touched up the bedroom.
We went to Ikea again, and actually bought nightstands that we had previously eschewed. I put one of them together.

The paint takes on a bit of a blue sheen, even though it really is grey. Light is weird.

This is my side of the bed

Mike’s side of the bed:

Bathroom, before we remembered to take the tape down:

On Monday, I went running in the morning, and then put together the other nightstand.
Behold the new nightstands!
They are so much taller than my previous college-era nightstand that I keep slamming things onto it because I’m expecting it to be so much lower. Ha!

And with that, it is done. There will be no more painting of the house.

For realz, yo.


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