Once upon a time, several months ago, we were at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (why does that place smell like a perfume factory died in there?) looking at some K-Cups, back when we were foolish and buying them there. Mike saw this little metal drawer that the cups could sit in, under your machine. I believe my reaction was *shrug* at the time. After a bit of use, I saw the folly of this shrug, and realized that the drawer could actually be useful.
Alas, it was not to be, as the store no longer had it.
We’ve been back several times (including one notable weekend where we walked in three separate times and immediately turned around and walked out because the lines were so unbearably long and the are one of the slowest places to check out…excepting maybe Michael’s) and the drawer was not there.

Anyways. On Saturday, we stopped in because we remembered that we were going to buy something and couldn’t remember what it was (it turned out to be the water filters for the keurig). As we left *ANGELIC CHORUS* the drawer was there, sitting by the front entrance. Mike snapped that up and immediately got back into line.

It’s pretty slick. And so organized. I love organization.

Completely unrelated:

I really, really hate squirrels. This particular one was down at the admin building, but there are several that hang out in the bushes by our office and CHIRP incessantly.


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