Running Barefoot


I’ve been wearing Nike’s semi-barefoot shoes (Nike Free 5.0, Nike Free Run+) for a little over a year. I wanted to go more barefoot, but I couldn’t get into the toe-separated shoes.

You may recall that I had purchased the Merrell Barefoot Pace Gloves a couple months ago:

And then I bought the Merrell Barefoot Pure Gloves, because I liked the Pace Gloves so well:

I’ve been wearing the Pace Gloves almost every day to work for my general walking around. They’re great. I’d have to say, my only (minor) complaint is that since there’s no heel, several of my pairs of jeans drag on the ground more. OH WELL.

I’ve still been running in the Nikes, as I was hesitant to just jump into barefoot running. Merrell makes a barefoot app to slowly ease you into the transition. I just haven’t been able to find the time to actually use it.

So on Sunday, I finally thought, “Oh well, let’s just try!” We did about 3 miles of hilly outdoors:
Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 8.57.38 AM
(The dips you see are where I had to walk for a bit.) This is a pretty normal run (for me). The first chunk is all downhill and then I get a stitch and have to stop around a mile. The second chunk is half uphill and half downhill. The third chunk is allllll uphill. I think I averaged around 13:00min/mile here.

Yesterday, I went to the Y across the street from my house with my neighbor and ran on a treadmill. The Nike GPS app did a passable job of tracking this:
Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 8.57.15 AM
Constant running for almost two miles with no stitches and around a 10:30min/mile? Whaaaa??

I guess I actually have improved.

Oh right, barefoot. But my calves are sooooooooooooo sore. So, so sore. All these muscles that must be neglected when running in normal shoes! Who knew?


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