R Gang Eatery Review



I don’t remember exactly where I heard about the R Gang Eatery–possibly another blog. It’s owned by a former Top Chef contestant, Rich Sweeny, from Season 5. (Hmm, I don’t remember that season. They all blur together.)

Anyways, several friends and I had brunch there on Sunday morning. It’s down in Hillcrest, right next to the Tractor Room and the Hash House, two other REALLY REALLY popular breakfast places. We had a reservation and were seated quickly. We were waiting for one more, so we probably didn’t order until 11:20? 11:30? And then waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Our friend who was late actually had to leave early and barely had time to eat anything before dashing off. The waiter was wonderful though, and apologetic, and comped some extra gravy (woo?). There was a large party that had ordered in front of us. It happens.

I had a veggie scramble (no potatoes) which was a nice egg dish, nothing remarkable. Maggie had ordered some cheesy tater tots. I tried one and it was good and cheesy, nicely herby.

Some of the more notably dishes we saw floating around:
-The Paco: This really should have been the GIGANTIC PANCAKE-BURRITO. It was supposed to be two pancake “tacos” filled with eggs, bacon, sausage, syrup, etc. I figured they’d be small pancakes, like corn tortilla sized. No no, they were HUUUGE FLUFFY PANCAKE MONSTROSITIES. We saw one poor girl order it (it came with two giant pancake burritos) and she barely ate 3/4 of one of them.

-Eggs benedicts: also huge and tasty looking, if that is your kind of thing

-Ricotta stuffed, Captain Crunch crusted french toast: I saw one woman eating this and it looked suitably oozy and delicious.

-Eggs R Sandy: Jess got this, and reading the description, I envisioned more some sort of egg dish, but it came out looking like a hamburger. She enjoyed it though.

The atmosphere was casual, family friendly, and not too overly stuffed with people (à la Hash House). I saw plenty of people enjoying bloody marys. Two of our party had mango mimosas, which they also enjoyed.

Overall: solid 4.5/5 stars


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