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Avert your eyes đŸ˜‰

Another adorable “round-up-baby-animal” quest:
Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 9.58.54 AM
Round up tiny baby murloc tadpoles and they follow you around making tiny, high-pitched mrrrglglrlglgl noises. Adorable.

Mike found and purchased this companion pet for me in the game:
Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 1.45.19 PM
It’s a little white tiger cub and it purrs when you click on it, which is incredibly cute. If you stand too long in one place, it falls asleep. SQUEE!

Also, we finally hit level 70 (of 85).
Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 2.14.19 PM
I’m enjoying Northrend more than Outland. I hated that Outland gave you 238743892837 quests in each location. We seriously did like, 60-66 in JUST Hellfire Peninsula, which is only supposed to be like two levels. There were just too many quests.

Plus, penguins and orcas and baby murlocs and flying on DRAGONS in Northrend is just way cooler.

However, now that we’re at 70, swift flight form/mount is available. For 4000g. To put that in perspective, after 70 levels, the most gold I’ve ever had was 1400g. And I dumped 400 of that for cold weather gear for flying in Northrend. So, I have 1000g. Where do I get another 3000g??? That seems impossible.


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