Mother’s Day Dinner


For Mother’s Day yesterday, my parents came down for the day. I offered to make dinner.

I even dug out the table cloth and napkin rings and water pitcher and got flowers from Henry’s (cashier: Happy Mother’s Day! me: I’m not a mother, but thanks!).

For dinner, we had cilantro lemon-lime marinated chicken (partially grilled until the bbq ran out of propane, woops), with an avocado salsa on top. It was accompanied by roasted asparagus and zucchini and steamed mashed sweet potatoes. I made 4 big chicken breasts, assuming it would serve 8 portions. I was wrong. It served 4 portions and my brother.

For dessert, we had Britta’s (not) Meyer Lemon cake. I had made it earlier in the day and it was SO GOOD.

We also tried to take a walk around the neighborhood, but upon exiting, we discovered that there was a mysterious watery substance all over the ground (and uncovered bbq). Weird. I hear it’s called rain.

My parents dropped off my brother at the train station last night (he has work today) and they stayed overnight. This morning, I had my “10” month check in with the builder of the house, and then my parents and I went out to breakfast. Going into work at 10 instead of 7 was weird and magical. I felt like I accomplished so much in the morning!

It was a really nice weekend, and I want more avocado salsa. Now. Alas, all I have is leftover Thai.


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