Exhibit A:
The weather has been truly gorgeous the last several days

Exhibit B:
Because of this wonderful weather, my desire to have plants and sit outside on our patio has increased.
To that end, we purchased an ultra dwarf Fuji apple tree
apple tree
(That’s my mutant hand watering it)

It’s hanging out on the patio with our dwarf lemon tree
lemon tree
(Clearly, the lemon tree has a superiority complex, seeing as it’s only a dwarf and the apple tree is an ultra dwarf. “I am so much bigger and leafier than yonder apple tree! Huuurr!”)

And then we bought some “grownup” patio furniture. Deciding on the chairs resulted in some decidedly un-grownup rock-paper-scissoring at Target (for the third chair, I liked the yellow, Mike preferred green).
Seen here with de-torso’ed Mike legs.

I swear, this time we are going to protect these things and not let birds poop all over them. Stupid birds.

We sat out on the patio on Sunday afternoon and it was so warm and pleasant. Our patio has shade in the afternoon, as it faces east, and it was great. After going to see “Win Win” (excellent), Justin came over and we bbq’ed chicken and sat on the patio until the frogs came out. So peaceful.

Mike pointed out that the warm weather was like being drunk–you felt it necessary to proclaim to everyone “It’s SOOOO nice out here!”


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