A Tale of Two iPads


I faintly remember talking about this before, but when the iPad first came out, I thought (HAHA) that the demand wasn’t going to be there and I might be able to walk into a store and just get one.

I know, I’m funny!

After three weeks of half-heartedly searching, I resigned myself and ordered one online at the end of March.

*fast-forwarding noise*

Last Wednesday, I was up on campus for a meeting. I missed the shuttle back down the hill, so I swung by the university bookstore to ask on their iPad status. They had 64gb ones in stock and several 32gb ones on hold. The guy advised me to call back first thing in the morning.

I may have been slightly excited. I called back at precisely 8:00a on Thursday and they did have one…but it was 3G and it was Verizon. Eh. Beggars can’t be choosers, but I chose no.

I called back on Friday morning and he said, “Oh yeah, I put a 32 wifi on hold for you, you can come get it.” I believe my response was something to the effect of, “OK I WILL BE ON THE NEXT SHUTTLE OMG I AM COMING NOWWWWWWWW!”

Now, remember how I had that iPad on order? I had been checking its status every few days and it was still set not to even be shipped until this coming Friday, with delivery the Friday after that. I checked again. I knew that if I cancelled it before I left to go to the bookstore, the gods would smite me and somehow the bookstore one would fall through AND then I would have already cancelled the order.

Bookstore, ahoy!

I got back, and popped online to cancel the online order. Except, it said it couldn’t confirm the cancellation. (You see where this is going, don’t you?). I called Apple and they said an “internal department” was accessing the iPad orders and I should try canceling it again later. Uh huh. I tried again later online, and MAGICALLY AND MYSTERIOUSLY the order status changed to “Prepared for shipment”. I had been told, “You can cancel it until it ships!” They lied. You can cancel it until it is prepared for shipment. Which it had not been that morning. Ergo, I could not cancel it.

But, but, I sputtered, I already had bought one at the bookstore! It was right here! I already had it!

They said sorry, and that they could issue an RMA for the excess one (provided someone I know doesn’t want it).

And that is why, my friends, my credit card bill is really high this month. Because I accidentally bought two iPads.

Also, how did the universe manage to screw me by not canceling it before I got the bookstore iPad AND by waiting to cancel it after?

But it’s so pretttttttty.

And you can do really hilarious things like this:


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