I was just reading through some “momblogs” and in one of them, the grandparent was chastised for not leaving the baby’s shoes on, because the baby is learning how to walk.


Riddle me this, but I’m pretty sure we can walk without shoes. I’m pretty sure MILLIONS OF HUMANS learned how to walk without shoes for THOUSANDS of years.

Heck, there are people walking without shoes, right now.

I fail to see how having to keep shoes on feet=learning to walk.


2 thoughts on “Huh??

  1. Erica

    Um yeah, odd and I think the mom just didn’t want the kid to not have shoes on. Josh is barefoot as much as possible. He learned to walk both ways with shoes and without. People think that having shoes on the kids make it easier to learn to walk (more support), but barefoot should be the way to learn. I just think the mom was having an issue.

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