Broken Retainer (GRRR!)


That reminds me, I need to call the orthodontist this morning.

Way back in the wayback machine of December 2009, my orthodontist made me a Invisalign-like retainer for my upper teeth, supplanting the Invisalign tray I had been wearing. The material was slightly different, a little thicker, and a little more brittle. It also scarred where my cuspids/eye teeth on the lowers pressed into the upper tray.

By Jan 2010, it had cracked on the right side, between the cuspid and the bicuspid. I called and asked, and they informed me it would be $250 to replace it. Hot dog, I am nothing if not careful. I nursed that crack along so carefully that it did not crack ANY more at all. There was no way I was paying $250 to replace an inferior retainer.

So, now we are at present. I’m scaling back retainer-wearing time (at that time, it was full-time retainment) to about 12 hours of retainer freedom a day. That tray has been cracked for 1 year and 3 months. I dutifully support it with my finger when I’m cleaning it so that crack doesn’t take any pressure.

On Saturday, we had been at Costco for some samples snack shopping. We were leaving, empty-handed, and I was fishing for my sunglasses out of my bag. The arm caught the retainer case (and the retainers in them, since we had been sampling) and it went flying out of my bag in slow-mo, to hit the ground, pop open and both retainers pop out.

And the upper one cracked in half fully.


I knew the ortho was closed for the day and closed on Sunday, so I have to call this morning. I’m leaning towards asking for new molds to be made so I can get the Vivera retainers, which are made by Invisalign. (The lower tray that I wear is actually the last tray of my lower refinement set. The movement trays are not really designed to be worn long-term.)

Regardless, $$$. *sigh*


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