Dumpster Diving


I was waiting for a FedEx package yesterday afternoon. It was the SIM card for my boss’ boss’ iPad. Somehow, his name was on it, but my boss’ address, and it got routed a couple different times before I tracked it down to the boss’ boss’ office this morning. His assistant handed me some paper out of the package–but no SIM.

Envelope had gone in recycling.

Which had been picked up this morning and taken to the dumpsters.

Which were rather full.

Cue 30 minutes of this:

See all those bags to the left? Those are ones I had already gone through before help showed up to sort take pictures. (And in my new shoes, too!)

Anyways, in the end, it’s a happy story.

And that is hopefully the only time I will have to go dumpster diving at work.


2 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving

    • Definitely glad it was only recycling. There are two trash dumpsters that are equally full hiding behind the recycling dumpsters. They would have been a pain to get into.

      As it was, there were plenty of sticky soda cans, water, and Lean Cuisine residue.

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