Last week at some point, Mike and I went to REI, because there is a 20% coupon for members and I have a $13 dividend to spend there. I was interested in trying on the Vibram FiveFingers KSO
after my coworker started wearing his again and a friend from college had been blogging about her running efforts wearing them. I’ve been using Nike Free Run+ for the last year or so, which are supposed to be like, half-barefoot. I like them, but I also am interested in the barefoot movement–well, without actually being barefoot. I don’t usually wear shoes at home, and I have been known to take my shoes off at work when it gets warm out.

I don’t really consider myself vain, but the whole toe-thing is weird to me. Anyways, I tried them on, and they didn’t really fit my foot well. My toes slope off dramatically and they were made for more evenly-heighted toes. I could bend each toe-hole in half, as my toes didn’t fit up inside.

Anywho, while we were there, I saw that Merrell (I have a pair of their hiking shoes and some really, really comfy Mary Janes) had introduced a new line of “Barefoot” shoes. Which REI did not have in stock. They’re billed (after reading reviews online) as “uni-toe” FiveFingers. Sweet. I settled on the Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove, as they looked quite shoe-ular and had great reviews.

I looked online the next day, and they were out of stock online and in all the stores in SD. Ook, then. So much for that whole coupon idea. Zappos, here I come.
(Of note, when you order from Zappos, and it’s one day delivery, which I love, that really means one business day. Not “it’ll come tomorrow if I order it on Friday!”.)

So, blah blah, they are here:
(Man, my legs look weeeeeeird)

Impressions so far: super flexible, I was surprised that they have as much ridging/traction as they do and they have a mild arch support. It has a 0mm heel drop, which I interpret as my heel is not being lifted up above my toes, like most shoes. The toe box is roomy, and though I ordered a half size up from my normal size, they are on the precipice of being too small. Like, my big toe just barely touches the end. Just a whisper.

I wore them to Target yesterday afternoon and they felt fine, although I felt like I was paying a lot of attention to how I walked. Like the tag said, “let your feet lead you.” I have to stop thinking about it 🙂 I don’t think I’ll wear them for running, especially since I didn’t run at all last week. But I’d love it if they worked as a walking around shoe that doesn’t aggravate the ball of my foot.


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