Bread Basket


Despite our previous plans, we weren’t able to go to Julian this weekend, due to to some renting confusing of our friends’ cabin. No worries, though, we just declared our house was temporarily a cabin and everyone came over, hung out and ate. It was lovely. There was geocaching. And cat skulls. /shudder

There was also the first usage of this Irish bread basket that my grandma brought me from Ireland a couple years ago–I’ve been wondering if I’ll ever use it, but lo, I did.

We also made a pizookie. And it was goooood.

In other news, on Saturday I did my side work for the newspaper group in Poway. Everything went smoothly and we were able to hook up both PCs and Macs to their replacement OS X server! AMAZING BUT TRUE. I accomplished in six hours what it took the previous person five weeks to screw up. So, yay. I didn’t quite earn an iPad, but a significant chunk thereof.

In other, other news, two things of note occurred on Sunday morning (stop reading if you don’t care about video games) that I would like to mention:
a) I ran a dungeon in WoW on my 41 hunter in a random group WITHOUT MIKE. I know you don’t care, but you should be picking your jaw up off the floor now. And it went well. Everyone was polite and the tank did well. I accidentally rolled on a nice headpiece that I shouldn’t have, forgetting that hunters wear mail, and I gladly turned it over to the tank, who needed it. Hooray. All random dungeon groups should be so nice.
b) One dungeon and a few quests later, Mike (who was now awake) and I hit 60 on our “main” characters. This is notable as my first level 60 character. Which would be more impressive if the cap was still actually 60, and not 85 as it is now. But you have to buy expansion packs to go higher. Lame.

Well, after a day of eating, back on the bandwagon of eating well. And exercising. Lame.


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