Urban Exploration


Sort of.

I had a chance to go up to the Soledad “storage” facility today at work. It was apparently a military bunker in its former life, as evidenced by the blast door and thick walls:

I was instructed not to touch anything, as apparently all the walls and floors and ceilings are asbestos-filled. Ew.

The first thing I saw upon entry was this old, torn map.

You walk in a little further, and come to a bank of stairs that are wayyyyy too narrow and steep to be kosher.

But if you turn and look out the window, you get a million-dollar view.

Better view:

Old lab equipment:

Asbestos everywhere

It was really cool, though. I wish I had taken a picture of the decrepit sign outside that said something like “MARINE………………………….?????” I have no idea. It was pretty illegible.

They’re abandoning the building, due to asbestos. It has been a storage facility for us for years, but it’s pretty creepy and gross. I certainly wouldn’t want to be up there.


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