Livestrong Punishment?


I’ve been (re)using the Livestrong website to track what I’ve been eating (during the week). Last week, it had me at a goal of 1600 calories a day. Which seemed pretty feasible. Especially on the days when I was exercising and “earned” more. I liked that.

But I logged in this morning, and it proclaimed I could now only eat 1100/day. That seems ridiculously low, unless I’m a ballerina and only eating carrots all day.

The point of this is to say, I’m a little frustrated, because for the first time in my post-ballet life (which ended at 14), I’ve actually been running 2-3x/week, plus going to bootcamp on Wednesdays (usually) and my body feels totally stagnant. I guess Livestrong is trying to punish me for not losing any weight? Blergh.


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