52 Opening Party


On Satuday, Lea came over to our house and we ventured to the 52: From Sea to Santee party going on ON the new part of the freeway extending to the 67. I mean, how often do you get to walk on a freeway when your car isn’t broken?

We tried to park (as per instructions) at the Sonrise church, where there were shuttles to the freeway. That place was paaaaaaaaaaacked. Nary a spot to be had. Instead, we ended up by the McDonald’s on Cuyamaca, and just walked. And walked. And then Lea heroically jumped out to push a guy’s truck that had broken down at a light while Mike and I stood dumbly and were like whaaaa? Anyways. We were on a freeway!

Also noted, almost all people were walking the way that the traffic would drive. We decided to be rebels and walked against the flow.

The picture is a little difficult to see, but if you could zoom in, you’d see a massive crush of people on the other side of the road where they had a festival set up.

Adorably, they had a tiny train for kids to ride in:

Anyways, we walked around for an hour or so and then headed back to the car. We managed to avoid eating anything at the party, because Mike and I were going to a coworker’s party in the afternoon, and we knew we’d stuff ourselves silly.


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