Sea Lions & iPads & Potatoes


Awww, aren’t they cute? This was from Monday, I just forgot I had I taken it.

My coworker and I went to the Apple store at UTC yesterday. She needed to get a new case for her new employee, and I needed to get a USB hub for one of my users. We got there around 12:30 and it was WALL TO WALL PACKED. There was probably a 2:1 ratio of customers:employees, which was really a lot of employees.

An aside, while it’s cool that all the Apple store employees can check you out with a credit card, when you’re not being individually helped and are ready to check out, it’s awkward and lame to stand around and try to find some random person to check you out. Can’t they have one designated “check out here” person for people who are not spending the next three hours in the store?

Anyways, it was packed, we finally checked out, and said coworker asked the employee about iPads. He said they get new ones every morning, but that people are lining up at THREE THIRTY AM to wait. Although, he added, some are coming as late as 6:30a and still getting iPads. My coworker was like, we should wait! And I was like, HELL NO. I would rather just wait until the craziness subsides and I can just walk into the store. Of course, it looks like the craziness will be lasting a while, as the online order times are over 5 weeks now.

Now that the initial fervor has passed, I don’t REALLY REALLY want an iPad like I did when it was launched. I just want one. :-p Maybe in a couple weeks, I won’t care at all.

Last night, Josh and Lea (and later Andy) came over and we had a baked potato bar and Guinness. Toppings available: zucchini, broccoli, cheese, sour cream, smart balance, green onion, and turkey bacon. It was awesome. I had a really nice time. Mmm, baked potato. I have another one in my lunch today. And then Josh had brought a key lime pie from Marie Callender’s and it had dyed-green whipped cream on top. Which totally put me over my caloric intake for the day, but it was good and tart and I wanted to eat the crust in its entirety.

Coming up this weekend: Route 52 Opening Party!


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