Couple of Odd Pics


Item 1:

I’m pretty sure my desk was not designed to come apart this way. Partially mea culpa for pulling on it a little bit every day when I’m pulling myself towards the desk.

Item 2:

This accidentally purchased blood orange is really disgusting.

My coworker and I went to the Levi’s store downtown to try out their “Curve ID” pants. Fail.
Have I mentioned my hatred of skinny jeans, jeggings, and anything that tries to squish my legs? Yeah, I hate that. Let’s go back to the baggy 90s. Those were the days. 🙂 Even the bootcut jeans now are “skinny” legs.

Speaking of (non) skinny legs:

Not the best run. I was kind of lagging at the end, as we walked all the way back to the house. Oh well. Next time!


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