Jambalaya Update


When I went to Vons yesterday, I wasn’t really sure where I would find andouille sausage. Not to mention that it took me about five minutes to recall that the meat counter was in the back by the pharmacy, not on the sides.

Eventually, I did hunt one down and purchase it…only to realize it said chicken andouille when I got home. Oh well. I inadvertently made it healthier.

So I sautéed the andouille and some chicken pieces and then added in a chicken stock and water combo with the jambalaya mix. It looked like this.

I was feeling a little skeptical at this point. It looked like I had just made chicken and sausage soup. I thought maybe the mix had expired. I pressed on, and had to move the pot to the “Accusimmer” burner as the “POWERBURNER” is just way too hot to keep things on a low simmer. It burns. Powerfully.


Poof! Where did all that rice come from?

It was so delicious. Even our spice-adverse friend tried it and liked it. We then watched Beer Wars on Netflix (did I mention I cancelled our TV service yesterday? I should probably blog about that. I should have taken a picture, too.) and went to Golden Spoon, as is traditional.

And then I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30.

But hey, pretty flowers!

I like that there are a few rogue white blooms that traveled into the purple bloom territory.


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