Mardi Gras


The galley this AM, strewn with beads, flickery light things, and three almond-flavored king cakes. One of the temps found the baby, which is convenient for him, since won’t have to bring cake next year, seeing as he’s a temp. Ha!

Ashleigh brought us back a jambalaya packet from New Orleans…a while ago. I’ve been squirreling it away, but today seems like an appropriate day to use it. I read the instructions this morning before work and it merely said to cook 1 to 1.5 lbs of MEAT and then add in the mix and some water and simmah down now!

Mike and his friend are playing racquetball tonight, and when they return, we have dinner and go to Golden Spoon. But, said friend doesn’t like spicy food, so…do I make him an alternate dish? Jambalaya definitely counts as “spiced”.

Related question–do you think Vons would carry andouille sausage?


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