A Rare Post


…in which I am going to talk about clothing.

So, we’ve been doing bootcamp at work on Wednesdays, and last week I forgot to bring my gear in with me. I was admonished for not keeping a separate set of gear at work, so I set out to try to gather a new set. First, I went to Zappos and ordered a new pair of exercise pants

These fit pretty well and are very stretchy and comfy. But why don’t my hips look like this? Oh right, I don’t weigh three pounds.

A sports bra
sports bra

aaaaaaand no shoes. Zappos first no longer carried the Nike Free 5.0 v4 that I liked, so I bought the Nike Free Run+ instead. Now they carry the Run+, but only for men. None for women. A trip to Sports Authority and eight pairs of discarded shoes later, I just went on Nike’s website and ordered them straight from there. Why, Zappos? I love your free and fast shipping, why do you keep dropping the shoes I want?

Oh, did you know all sneakers are required to be some form of neon green/blue/pink/metallic silver now? They don’t just make generic sneakers that don’t look like a muppet threw up on them. The Run+ ones I bought last year are white with grey accents. The least offensive I could find now were white with BRIGHT BLUE. Whatever, hopefully they’ll get dirty and won’t look so GARISHLY BRIGHT.

I found that you *could* order the Free 5.0 v4 shoes on Nike’s website as well AND customize all the bits and pieces to your own colors (and put your name on the heel? that was weird). I was almost sold, until I saw that a) they were $25 more than the Run+ and b) they had a 4 week shipping timeframe.

I also need new jeans, but one can only hope for so much.


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