Oh boy, new book!


On Saturday, we are going to a book signing of this author, Patrick Rothfuss, at the Mysterious Galaxy *spooky music* bookstore. He’s there, signing, in promotion of said book, his new release and part 2 of the “Kingkiller Chronicle”. I am very excited and have never been to a book signing before. Josh graciously went to the bookstore on his lunchbreak (he won, being the nearest) on Tuesday and bought a bunch of copies for several of us. We got it from him last night, but I haven’t yet had a chance to actually read it (other than the prologue). It’s killing me! It’s just sitting on my desk and TAUNTING ME.

Please, be quiet, book! 🙂

I thought, since we were going to the book signing and all, it’d be neat to take a copy of the original book, “The Name of the Wind”, (the new one is “The Wise Man’s Fear”) with us to the signing to also get it signed. I set about to ordering it on Amazon this morning (it was in stock) and even selected one day shipping…..

and then was severely disappointed when it said its estimated delivery date was March 8. How can I order a book on March 3, pay for 1 day shipping, and it still not be delivered until 5 days later? After conferring with a nice support guy at Amazon, I cancelled the order. I couldn’t find a hardbound copy at Barnes and Noble (I have a gift card), but I did manage to reserve a paperback. Which is ok, I GUESS.

Also in the new-to-the-Chadwick-household is Mike’s new and shiny computer. He’s so excited, he can barely wait to go home 🙂 It’s super cute, and I’m excited to see his new computer, as well.

Oh man, what geeky t-shirt should I wear to the siging? Threadless’ Word! Decree!? No, I will not fix your computer? Milk and cookies? So many choices.


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