Mish Mash


1. It was slow getting here, but STORMAGEDDON 2011 PART II finally arrived sometime last night. The inexorable DRIPDRIPDRIPDRIPDRIPDRIP of the gutters (I swear, they only placed gutters halfway of what was needed) woke me up around 5:30 and when I looked out at the creek next to our house, it looked more like a rushing river. Now that the sun has risen enough to take a picture, it’s calmed down significantly. Alas.

But usually, it’s no more than a trickle and a frog bed.

2. Why on earth does commercial spaghetti sauce that’s marketed as “heart healthy” (that Costco has on sale) have sugar as an ingredient? Gimme some tomatoes, basil, and garlic and call it a day.

3. Speaking of basil, I’ve been watching two new cooking shows as of late, “Extra Virgin” and “Bitchin’ Kitchen”. On “Extra Virgin” this week, they made homemade mozzarella, bruschetta with tomatoes, pasta with homemade pesto, and cupcakes. I pretty much wanted to jump through the screen and eat everything. I wish smell-o-vision had been invented already! “Bitchin’ Kitchen” made a pepper crusted tuna steak with wasabi smashed potatoes, which also sounded delicious. The host of the latter, Nadia G, has a really funny over the top accent. But then they showed her in a promo, and she sounded normal. I was a little disappointed! She’s Québecois, and has a really excellent French accent, which I always appreciate.

4. If you and your husband are sitting next to each other at the table, both using your computers with identical wireless mice and yours continuously stops responding every time he’s using his mouse, it’s because they’re interfering with each other, not because your mouse is confused or the batteries are dead. Makes so much more sense now!

5. Due to the fact that we have been overpaying our escrow account on our mortgage since we bought the house (they estimated how much it would be and were WAY over), we got a nice chunk of change back at the beginning of the year that we were not expecting. We were able to use this money to pay off my car and for Mike to buy a new, shiny, MacBook Pro (thanks, David, for the hookup!). It won’t be shipped until next week, but Mike is so excited to have a real video card, he can hardly stand it. It’s cute.


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