Dump Pasta & Sleeep


I was languidly lounging on the couch last night, when Mike texted me to say that Justin was coming over after they were done with racquetball.

“Hmm,” I thought to myself, “that probably means I should make something more than cereal.”

I had been thinking about something pesto-related, but was feeling too lazy to make Crawford Pizza Dough. I had a jar of Kirkland Signature pesto in the fridge. I put a pot on to boil for pasta, and cut up some asparagus into chunks. I sautéed the asparagus and some fresh spinach in a pan with a little pesto (ouch! hot oil!) and dumped that into the pasta with the remainder of the pesto jar. I then added some fresh mozzarella and left it to stay warm while I made crescent rolls (what, they were in the fridge!).

Anyway, this falls under a general category of “dump” pasta for me. Sauce+vegetables+noodle. The previous incarnation of this was something like spaghetti sauce+zucchini+green peppers+onion+garlic+parmesan. It’s an easy and versatile thing to make when I’m out of ideas, plus it cleans out the crisper of questionable vegetables (the asparagus were fresh, I swear!).

Plus, we all loved last night’s pasta. I may have eat a lot of mozzarella while waiting for them to arrive. Maybe.

Unrelated, as the weather has been whipping around here (it’s raining today, was almost 80 last weekend) my head has been feeling migrainely-unsettled. That, plus some lingering side-effects from last week’s boot camp have made me lethargic and tired. I fell asleep at 9p last night watching parkour. Which isn’t really boring at all, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Mike kept nudging me, but it was just too much effort to wake up. A consequence of this early sleeping is early rising. I keep waking up around 5 and lying there, trying to will myself to go back to sleep.

I don’t know about you, but I have this built-in, unfailing sleep meter. You know, in the Sims, how they have that little bar when they’re sleeping? It fills up during the night and when it’s full, they wake up. Mine is pretty much like that. 8 hours or 7a, whichever comes first (usually 8 hours). My sleepometer just fills up and my eyes pop open and I AM AWAKE HI HOW ARE YOU WHAT’S GOING ON? (Yes, if you’re wondering, my mom did hate my sleep schedule as a child, as she and my dad and my little brother are all night owls and I am a most definite morning person. Also, I refused to take naps.) Oh wait, I still don’t take naps.

Although, right now, a bed sounds nice. But I’d never fall asleep.


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