Dun na na (dun dun) na na na (dun dun)


My new favorite magazine!

First, there was Holmes on Homes. Then there was Holmes Inspection. Now there is Holmes on Homes MAGAZINE.
(In case you are wondering, that was the Holmes on Homes theme song in the title.)

Mike and I probably receive more magazines than the average person in our age group. We get:
-The Week
-AAA’s Westways magazine
-Costco’s monthly magazine
-Food Network magazine
-Holmes on Homes magazine
-UCSD alumni magazine (two copies!)
-Game Stop’s magazine
-And whatever else happens our way

Fortunately, one of my co-workers wants my magazines, so when we are done, I take them to her. Except Holmes on Homes, because my dad wants that one.

Speaking of things in the mail, I wish I could make Cox stop sending me internet/TV offers at least 1x/week.
And multiple car dealers sending us their specials.
I would also like magazines I subscribe to not to stuff the pages full of flyers to get me to subscribe to the magazine. That is a particular pet peeve.

Related to Holmes on Homes, I give you the front door at of my building at work:
Quality construction: the front door at work is separating from the building.

It’s actually an addition to the original building (orignal building is from 1916) and it’s clearly less supported and sinking, resulting in the door frame separating from the building. No heat, no air, no insulation, original windows, and partially separated doors! Woo!!


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