My Everyday Breakfast


Where everyday=weekday and some weekend days

I eat oatmeal. A lot of it. I use Coach’s Oats, made by a manufacturer near my parents’ house, and sold readily at Costco. It’s steel-cut-esque.

At work, I put around a 1/2 c. dry into my bowl and cover in hot water and leave it to soak for about a half hour, or however long I forget about it. I then microwave it, add some soy protein

and craisins, and nom.

(I learned the hard way to add the soy AFTER cooking. Otherwise you end up with weird like, soy beads and it’s gross.)

I also make a “faux-mocha” most mornings. This consists of 1/2 packet-1 full packet hot cocoa mix, mostly coffee, and a splash of milk on the top. I probably drink about 1/3-1/2 of the travel mug of this concoction.

And vitamins.

The green one is magnesium, which is supposed to help people who suffer from migraines. I’ve been taking it for quite a while now, and I can’t really tell that it’s had any noticeable effect, but it MIGHT, and therefore, I continue. Plus, the gel pill magnesium is waaaay easier than the dry pill. I almost choked on the dry pill every day.

The point of this all, being, is that I think about my breakfast some days and I wonder if I’m not eating the right things. I know oatmeal is good for you. But craisins? Probably not so much. Nor my coffee-cocoa concoction. (I estimate a full mug of cocoa-coffee to be about 100cals) I think I feed my body too much sugar to begin with, and this isn’t helping (see: Nutella Chip Cookies).

But, I like it, and it doesn’t seem *that* bad. I don’t know.


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