Worlds Colliding


Last night, we went to a going-away party at the Blind Lady Ale House (haha, BLAH) for acquaintances, Erin and Ted. They are moving to San Francisco. Stop it, people! Northern California is not that much more exciting!

Mike knows them via our friend Kimberly, who also lives “up there”, but used to live “down here”. And then a fellow sysadmin here at work showed up, who I knew initially via the family that I lived with after college. Erin and Ted knew them, too.

Ok, it doesn’t sound that impressive now that I write it out, but last night, it was like BAM MIND BLOWN.
It was unfortuately super duper loud at BLAH last night. I was battling both a lingering migraine and a stupid cold and I elected to call it a night early. Good thing, too, because I was passed out in bed by 9:30.

I feel like I am hacking up a lung today, so I am most definitely skipping boot camp this week. I figure if I can’t go 30 minutes without needing a box of tissues, it’s probably not a good idea to do intensive exercise.

Excuse me, I need to go expel some phlegm.



2 thoughts on “Worlds Colliding

    • I spent a large chunk of time trying to figure out how they could improve the acoustics. Carpet is obvious, but I figure an establishment that serves lots of sticky liquid prefers the concrete. Maybe some sort of ceiling treatment.

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