Brought to You by Tylenol Cold


On Saturday, I noticed my throat had a faint tickle, but I thought it was we had been hanging out with friends and been talking a lot.

On Sunday, it was scratchier, and I went running anyways. And was then laid low by a migraine, went to dinner at a co-worker’s house, and then was laid low by the same migraine.

This morning, the left half of my face is stuffy and the left tonsil is swollen and scratchy. The right side has a migraine, the redux. What gives? Thusly, I took some cold meds, rolled around in bed for a couple hours and have been doing work on the couch since.

The weekend in sum:

Ceiling fan in the guest room

Ceiling fan in the “whatever” room, where it was most needed, as there was one teeeny, tiny lamp that provided like, a faint dusting of light.

Lemon cake, pt 2 for dinner at co-worker’s last night, made with fancy bundt pan from wedding gifts.

And finally,

How long do poinsettias live? I bought this sometime in December, and it still seems happy as a clam. Maybe I should repot it? My thumbs, they are black (see: heat loving plant outside that was quickly killed).


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