Goal Update, Week 2+3


+Walk down AND back up the hill at work.
I took the shuttle successfully once, and unsuccessfully once (the driver refused to go up the hill). But still primarily walked. Shuttling only occurred due to carrying large things.

-Actually cook from the many cookbooks that I own
Fail, I didn’t do this at all.

+Eat at dining table
We did this at least once, and we used cloth napkins.

+/-Cook dinner more often for both health and cost
Well, this was a draw. We did ok in week 2, but week 3, we ate out multiple times due to the anniversary celebrating.

+Take walks more often
Walking/running 3x/week!

+Play more Rock Band with friends
I believe we played at east once.

+Complete the Couch 2 5k again, and actually keep it up.
Haven’t worked on C25k, but am running, so this is still good.


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