Almost life-size Lea


Mike went off with the boys last night to see some bizarre movie.

After pouting and whining to myself for ten minutes that the girls rarely do anything spontaneous(ish), like go see a movie, or hang out for an afternoon, I got on the internet (solution to all our problems) and Skype’d with Lea for an hour or so. Which was really cool. She showed me her bedroom (woo, wood paneling) and we talked about having to make a pilgrimage out there to go to Harry Potter land.

I am selfishly sad that she moved out to Florida last year. I mean, it was a good thing for her to do, to be with her family, but it was nice to make a new friend that was similar in age and temperament.

I’m sure I’ve touched on this before, but it *feels* like everyone moves away. Don’t interpret that wrongly, anyone who has run away from San Diego, I love y’all. But sometimes it sucks and I feel left behind.

Anyway, I’m rambling, and my head hurts. I’ll leave you with this amusing parking sign I saw this morning.

(It says, “We know it’s spelled wrong–making new sign”. To which I wonder, what is spelled wrong?)


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