Lunch and Waste


I take my lunch to work almost every day. I would estimate we average going out to eat maybe twice a month at work. I get up with enough time to pack my lunch every morning. I usually bring a tupperware container for whatever is leftover from last night (or a sandwich in a baggie if there are no leftovers) and a few baggies with things like carrots, crackers, granola. Usually an apple makes its way in there, too.

I’ve always had the vague sense that that is a lot of plastic baggies. After reading this post on Fed Up With Lunch, I decided to order some SnackTaxis of my own. If I only used two bags a day for five days week=10 baggies, so, 40ish baggies a month. Man, that just seems super wasteful.

And lo, the taxis arrived yesterday. This morning’s lunch:

Starting left and working clockwise: leftover frittata in tupperware, greek yogurt and homemade granola, apple, and then one of the taxis has CRUNCHMASTER crackers and the other has carrots.

Yay, less waste!

Matt & Molly are totally my eco-friendly role models. Inspired by them, I’ve been trying to be more conscious in my paper towel usage, and I found cloth napkins in our linen cabinet and decided we should actually use them. Baby steps!


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