Too Large, Apparently


We have a satellite office at work. Back in ’07, they kicked us out of our old office down the hill:

From Goodbye T-3

and built the Forum in its place:

From Building the SIO Conference Center

Which was all well and good. They moved us up, up, up the hill to a cottage built in 1915, and in the move, we secured a satellite office in the main admin building so we wouldn’t have to drag computers and other heavy things up the hill every time we needed them. (No money for a golf cart, either.)
@lechaz jealous. Mine looks like this
(in this picture, there is a large filing cabinet behind me and a bulletin board and TV being stored to my left)
Over time, the satellite has become everyone’s spare office. It keeps being requested to be used for interns, students, temps, interviews, video conferences, “just for a short time!”.

Anyway, I guess it was just too big for us, so they added an extra desk.

C’est la vie.


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