Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano


On Sunday night, after a strange foray to Barcamp SD 8 (in which we felt like we were crashing someone else’s house party), we met up with Josh and Andy to try out a new restaurant in North Park, Pizzeria Bruno. I read about it on Serious Eats and was intrigued.

We started out with bruschetta, which was ok. The bread was good, but it was just tomato and basil. Josh then ordered a side of bread, which was toasty and had yummy balsamic vinegar dipping. All three of the boys ordered interesting beers.

We ordered two pizzas, one margherita, and one Divolo (Devil!). The margherita, OH MY GOODNESS. It was sooooooo delicious. I have never had such an amazing pizza before. As Josh put it, “I’m set, I can die now.” I ate a couple pieces of pepperoni off the Devil pizza, but was afraid to eat any more, as it was supposed to be very, very spicy. The boys were slathering chile oil on it.

For dessert, we ordered both of their offerings: cannolis with pistachios and chocolate chips, and a panna cotta with blackberry. Both were good, but the panna cotta was the winner of the two. I’ll have to get Maggie over there to try it so she can judge it, as she is the preeminent panna cotta expert of the group.

In sum: get thee to the restaurant and order thee a pizza. Stat.


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