Good friends, good times


Last night, at our Wednesday hangout, Matt volunteered to make dinner for all of us! Generally, it is a post-dinner hangout. He made apricot-soy-ginger glazed salmon (NOM), garlic smashed potatoes (NOM NOM), and chard sautéed with onions and maple syrup. I don’t think I had ever had chard before, but it was quite delicious, and I went back for more of it.

We’ve been putting off watching the Serenity movie for several weeks now due to time constraints. Molly suggested we all go to Julian on Friday after work and watch it up at the cabin. SOLD.

Yesterday’s sysadmin meeting went well. I coerced one of my co-workers in to presenting, essentially, after the original presenter cancelled on Monday. I made lots of cookies and people enjoyed them, which is essentially why I make them 🙂 Here was the cookie pile on Tuesday before I took them to work (and other co-workers started munching on them):
Hope I made enough cookies for the hungry sysadmins!

I did learn that a triple batch of chocolate chip cookie dough is too much for the mixer to do at once. I was overly ambitious. But it all got made in the end.

I’ve been continuing my experiment in listening to French talk radio in the car. I feel my parsing has significantly improved within just this week in being able to easily determine where words start and end and not just hearing constant mumbles. In the morning (for me), it’s 4p there, and they have some group of hosts. It’s kind of like listening to Jeff and Jer (whatever happened to them?). There are callers and they tell jokes (which I got yesterday, but today’s, I could tell he was telling a joke, but I couldn’t quite catch what it was about). At 7a (my time), they do a news update and this woman TALKSREALLYFAST. Lately it’s been about Tunisia. I guess there is a riot going on? They were talking about closing the quarter near the capitol. I was confused, because yesterday afternoon I thought they had talked about a soccer match between France and Tunisia. Well, maybe those are related.

In the evening when I’m driving home, it’s 4p for me, and 1a for them. At 4p (for me), they do a weather update, which I’m quite excellent at interpreting. (Paris: 12°C). Then they have something called “Carré Magique”, which I guess is like the Magic Square? They get a man and a woman to call in, and then they spin a dial and choose a category (Music, Geography, etc) and then the two hosts alternate asking the two callers questions. Yesterday was geography, and the first question was “In what state is the source of the Mississippi River?” I’m a heck of a lot closer to whichever state that is, and the poor French dude had absolutely no idea. I think they said Iowa, but with a French accent, it was hard to tell.

And then last night, when we were driving to Josh’s at 6p (so, 3a in France), there was some random guy reading a letter titled “J’accuse!” by Émile Zola and talking about it. I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I was really confused as to what they were talking about.

In sum, language is fun.


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