Goal Update: Week 1


+Walk down AND back up the hill at work.
Check. I have not taken the shuttle yet this year. Granted, now that Biological Grade is closed at the top, it does this weird turn around thing, and you never know where it’s turning.

-Actually cook from the many cookbooks that I own
Well, I can’t say I did, but Mike used it to make garlic chicken stir fry last night. Here is a picture of Mike enjoying his salad and stirfry:
Mike is enjoying our Sunday night chicken stir-fry with brown rice and spinach salad. We even sat at the table!

+Eat at dining table
We actually accomplished this last night.

+Cook dinner more often for both health and cost
We did not go out for dinner at all last week. Woo! I also only went out for lunch once, and Mike even took his lunch twice!

+/-Take walks more often
I’m calling this a draw. We took one walk last night.

-Play more Rock Band with friends
Played no Rock Band.

-Complete the Couch 2 5k again, and actually keep it up.
Was sick all week and did not go running.

Total: 3.5/7

Did half, woo!


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