Weird Dream


I guess the most common theme to my dreams is either a) I can’t find something important (see: car) or b) I am prevented from getting where I’m trying to go. This morning’s dream fell squarely into the b) category.

I was at a big, big family dinner at some restaurant. Like, we had taken over half the restaurant. We were sitting at a table on a bench attached the wall, so when one person wanted to get out, everyone had to get out. I guess I was sitting next to my aunt (but closer to the bench exit) and we had clearly been at this restaurant for a long time. Anyways, when we all finally slid off the bench, my aunt stopped partway and wanted to eat this “figgy pudding” dish (in consciousness, I don’t really know what that is), but it was beige and had black sesame seeds, much like the ice cream Josh posted about the other day that he wants me to make for him. Anyway, the consensus was to go back to my aunt’s house after dinner for the typical family indefinite hangout. I guess this restaurant was close by, because Kathy (who had not been there previously) and I decided to walk (the car situation was unclear). We started walking and ran into a shopping mall that had never been there before that was partially subterranean. I somehow ended up walking into a guard booth in the parking lot that was empty, leaving Kathy outside and I was just sitting there in the booth. There was a deck of regular cards and an Uno deck, and some pencils and paper clips and paper binders. I had turned the light on, but the booth was made of that you-can’t-see-in glass. I sat there for a while, and then a cop car pulled up in the parking lot, and I freaked out, because I thought I was going to get caught sitting in the booth. So I turned off the light and waited a bit and then tried to deftly sneak out the back. There were several people standing around, including some other girl trying to go into the booth. Kathy was still sitting there, listening to a yellow Walkman, and we set off to my aunt’s house, which was supposedly only a block away at this point.

Somewhere in there, Kathy turned into a guy, but not a specific person, like a Hawaiian-native Justin. I don’t know, my unconscious is super weird. We’re looking on our phones at the maps, and my aunt’s house is diagonal from us, so we can either go left first and then up, or up first and then left. The upward direction seems to be a little more circuitous, going around some park that was labeled something like “Balboa Park 2”. I was adamant that there was no large park near my aunt’s house, so we went that way. The walk was really dystopian. The sidewalk was on the far right side of the park and there was a huge gap and there were stores on a bridge over the huge water area but we couldn’t get to the stores. When we got to the part where we were supposed to turn left, it was a monorail-only bridge, so we decided to keep moving to go to the next “street”. At the end of the next street, the only way to go was down a staircase into a “ride” which was like an underwater monorail submarine dinner theater. Yes, that is the best way to explain it. At some point, this Hawaiian-Justin turned into Mike. I was seated at a table with 5 other people, one of whom was supposed to be Missy…something from my elementary school and her mom, and some other people who had had plastic surgery. Mike was sitting at a bar behind me. Anyways, the theater aspect was really weird, and they kept asking all these intimate, probing questions, which I don’t remember now. But the whole time, I was just like, I have to get to my aunt’s house. The monorail-submarine ride took like an hour, and it was going fast, so the park must have been really big. I don’t remember other things that were served, but there were cranberries, because I initially served myself, which I apparently wasn’t supposed to do, and they were annoyed at me, so they covered half my plate in cranberries.

And then I woke up when Mike gnashed his teeth together and I felt disoriented and frustrated.


Ok, I admit that dream is far more tame than the Whoopi Goldberg at an abandoned Nordstrom’s doing lion taming (actual dream), but probably on par with the dance teacher in a wheelchair being crowd-smushed outside my elementary school and the one where half my home neighborhood was on fire and there was a cinder in our garage while we were watching, so we sang to it to make it go out. For realz, yo, my unconscious is messed up.


One thought on “Weird Dream

  1. Kathy

    Dude. Last night, I dreamt that I could shapeshift into different people. Except the first person I shapeshifted into was a Chinese girl whose parents owned a flower shop, then a gang member who wanted to kill the Chinese girl’s parents so that he and the Chinese girl could be together, then a woman who was asked to bring Christmas to Peru by decorating the United States Embassy in wreaths and salt dough “snowmen.”

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