On Tuesday, my throat was a little scratchy, but sometimes it does that, and nothing comes of it and I feel better in the AM.

On Wednesday, my throat was scratchier and worse, and I noticed my “I’m sick” gland in my neck was starting to get a little swollen. I felt meh.

On Thursday, I woke up and swallowed a few times and realized my throat was not feeling as bad, so I went to work and sniffled a bit.

On Friday, I snotted and sneezed and snorfled through work, work-bowling, and was miserable when I finally got home to Mike. Even though my new Kindle had arrived, I could only muster a lackluster “yay”. I was so wiped and icky and my sinuses hurt and my shoulder hurt from bowling. But hey, but throat didn’t hurt!

Today, my sinuses are like, on fire, and snottier than ever. I finally conceded and took some Tylenol Cold. I also made sure I had all necessary content on my new Kindle and wiped the old one in preparation.

Observations about the Kindle 3 (without really having read anything yet).
-The screen is higher contrast. It seems a bit sharper. I never had any difficulty with the Kindle 2, but the 3 just seems a bit brighter.

-Page turning is faster. I wish they could figure out a way to get rid of the whole “blank out black, bring back words”, but such is life.

-The Kindle 2 wouldn’t load Google Reader because it was too slow over 3G, the Kindle 3 won’t seem to recognize my password. That’s a battle best fought when your sinuses are not fighting you.

-Oh yes, wi-fi!

-The device itself is probably about 1/2″ less wide and about 3/4″ less tall. It’s probably a few millimeters slimmer, too.

Ok, I’m going to go curl up in a blanket and think about buying the 3rd Pillars of the Earth book. Sadly, it costs MORE on the Kindle than it does in HARDBACK. Which is pretty much preventing me from buying it, cuz that just seems silly.


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