K-cup pricing


Now that we have the world’s most awesome coffee maker hot water heater, I’ve been looking around for the best prices on the K-cups. Ours came with the “My K-cup”, that you can reuse and refill with your own grounds, but I do like having an assortment of cups for guests to choose from.

Ash pointed me to Big Cat Coffees and I looked around. One of the advantages there is the ability to customize a pack with a lot of different cups. I figured Amazon was cheaper though, right? I was wrong.

Robyn’s Unscientific Comparison of K-Cups: Coffee People Donut Shop, price per K-cup:
$0.44/cup at costco.com
$0.49/cup at Big Cat Coffees
$0.55/cup at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (no coupon)
$0.55/cup at amazon.com

Costco (woo!) wins hands down on this comparison, but only if you want 108 of the same cup. Which is usually fine for me. I’d go with Big Cat if you want an assortment. Bed, Bath, & Beyond if you need it now and have one of their many coupons. Amazon? Sorry, Amazon, I love you, but you don’t win this battle.


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