Keurig Love


Why I love our new, shiny Keurig:

-Hot water in a minute! It’s just barely above my tolerable drinking temperature, so it cools to just perfect almost instantly. I’ve been using it with cocoa packets and tea bags in the cup, and it just brews hot water into the mug. I realize I could do this about 800 other ways, but it is new and shiny and I luuurve it.

-Brewing straight into a travel mug

-Yay, decaf K-cups! We generally have bought a bag of coffee beans from Costco, and generally it is not decaf, so it’s nice to be able to just pop in a decaf cup if the desire so hits me in the evening.

-OMG, so many K-cups!

-I like the “cup size” choice.

The ONLY thing I find that I don’t love about it is that it goes through water like nobody’s business. Well, I guess technically that’s our fault, because we’ve been using it a ton. We have had to run our dishwasher twice since we got it (rare) because we went through all of our mugs. So, that’s not really its fault. It just feels like I’m constantly refilling its tank. Although, the tank does have cute little blue lights that blink pitifully when it needs more water.

In sum, yay, Keurig!


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