Happy 4th Birthday, Prius


Oops, except, its birthday was on 12/31. I forgot. I was, like, painting, or something.

Loan Balance on Jan 2010: $4900
Loan Balance on Jan 2011: $1800

Darn, I only made one extra payment the entire year. That house thing we bought was expensive. It is soooo close to being paid off. I’m only paying $10 in interest at this point, so it’s silly to just chuck the money at it, but I really really want to be done with this (seven year!) loan (obv, have paid it off faster than that).

My Prius did not particularly go anywhere exciting this year. No major driving trips other than OC. It did, however, cart a ton of furniture and boxes, and a 22′ ladder. It may not be an SUV, but when you put the seats down, you can fit a ton in there.

I read that they’re going to be releasing a “new” Prius this month (or announcing) with even more cargo space. I’m not sure this is really any better than what I already have. I could see if they made a pseudo SUV or wagon or something, but just a Prius with a bigger butt seems unnecessary. At least to me.


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