General Goals for the New Year


I’m loathe to say resolutions, because they’re not resolute, but more general ideas of things I’d like to do.

-Walk down AND back up the hill at work. It’s .33 miles each way, and it adds up.
-Actually cook from the many cookbooks that I own, not just the Alton Brown ones.
-Eat at dining table. I hear tell you pay more attention to what you eat when you’re not watching TV
-Cook dinner more often for both health and cost
-Take walks more often
-Play more Rock Band with friends
-Take sign language again
-Complete the Couch 2 5k again, and actually keep it up.


2 thoughts on “General Goals for the New Year

  1. rebecca

    What great ideas!! The cooking and using our cookbooks is on my immediate list of things I need to do too! We have been SO Lazy about dinner the past few months that it is crazy!! Time to shape up and eat right once again! Go you!! P.S. Hard to believe it has almost been 1 year!! Woo Hoo!

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