Bad Kindle


No cookies for you!

I got up this morning, made coffee with our awesome new Keurig machine (so fast! so high tech! so cool!) and fished my Kindle out of my laptop bag, where it had been sitting since last Tuesday. Once people started showing up for the holidays, my reading time kind of diminished. Plus, I read a large chunk of the book (Pillars of the Earth’s sequel) that day, and had weird medieval-themed dreams.

Anyway, all that to say that the Kindle is dead. And the wireless was off. (It finally woke up enough for me to look. It has this weird “I’m dead” state where you can’t do anything until it charges some.) I love my Kindle, but I wish its battery didn’t blow, you know, when it’s not doing anything. Then again, it’s second-hand, and I have no idea how old it is. I briefly considered putting a new one on my Amazon wishlist this year, but it seemed superfluous. I already have a (mostly) working one!

Speaking of my Amazon wishlist, I was trying to clean it up, and it claims that an LL Bean jacket that I listed there was purchased for me. Weird. I thought maybe our friend Josh bought it, but his gift turned out to be Huey, the color-changing chameleon lamp. My mind is obsessed with figuring out where this magical jacket is. On Amazon registries, it tells you who purchased the item, if you want to know. I wonder why you can’t see who purchased it on the wishlist.

Some fun things we got this year:
-Awesome cast iron enameled dutch oven!
-A new wireless printer, so we do not have to trudge (woe is us) up or downstairs to plug into one of the multitude of printers scattered around the house. (Anyone want a printer?)
-AWESOME KEURIG from Costco, with the My K-Cup and 60 cups.
-Mike received a new stereo for his car so he can plug in his iPhone in STYLE and not through the RF adapter he’s been using for years.
-Animal Upon Animal game (yay! I played this with Anna and Ron earlier this year and it was cute and fun)
-New ski gloves that are not purple and chosen when I was 12. This is a good thing.
-A new “nice” purse that I was totally not expecting and had idly put on my wishlist more as a reminder to myself in the future
-Adorable mini-casserole dishes from my Aunt Ruth
-A new fleece pullover and a new black cable sweater (although, funnily, I’m wearing the old fleece right now because I don’t want the new one to loose all its fluffy goodness too soon!)

Some of the odder things:
-A vinyl tablecloth with stars, stripes, and moose. Merry 4thmas?
-Aloe-impregnated socks
-A thermometer that says “Together, we can WEATHER anything”
-SPAM flavored macadamia nuts

And so, another year, and more things to find homes for. Merry Christmas, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Bad Kindle

  1. Lea

    Aloe-infused socks are actually pretty amazing the first few times you wear them… After that, the washing takes its toll. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”, I guess…

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