Christmas Eve


My mom’s cousins, Sherrie and Karen, came up from LA and Atlanta, respectively, last night (Christmas Eve Eve). Mike graciously had clawed away at 4 Costco chickens earlier in the day, and we made sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus and salad. It was delicious.

(Speaking of Costco, we made the grave error of actually going there yesterday. The parking lot was literally completely full. Mom eventually dropped us at the front and kept circling while we moved through the store at breakneck speed. They had already removed all of the holiday décor out of the store, which was actually a little surprising. Anyways, we finished most of the shopping before she actually got in the store and we checked out. Except the guy in front of us in line had forgotten his Costco card and we had to stand around and wait for customer service to look him up. Moral of the story: A) Don’t go to Costco on Xmas eve eve, B) Don’t let Robyn choose the checkout line.)

My bro and his girlfriend showed up later and eventually there was pie, and then Shrek, which was mostly us shouting out the lines before the characters said them. It was fun and communal and awesome. Shrek is a family tradition. Not necessarily for Christmas, tho.

Mike and I were relegated to the toy room den to sleep on an air mattress. My mom’s cousins used the twin beds in my old room, and Scott and Sonya slept on different couches. Which made it interesting this morning when people got up and were moving around. But it was fun. It’s always kind of a festive atmosphere when people are just sleeping everywhere.

This morning, I made an adapted version of Alton Brown’s Luftwaffles. There was also fruit, bagels, bacon, and OJ. We are all now rolling around in a food coma. Only 6 hours until we leave for my aunt’s “fianc锑s house for Xmas Eve for dinner. And then more food tomorrow. It’s a never ending cavalcade of food. At least it’s good food!


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