Cookies Galore


I’ve been battling a migraine since the heavy rain started on Monday. So, sadly, I forwent eating any cookies or drinking any cider last night. It just didn’t sound good to my stomach. Despite the deluge, there was quite the turnout.

Here is the main table. It was full by the time we got there.
The cookie table

So we had to create an overflow table
And the overflow table!

In the end, though, I felt like I didn’t really subtract any cookies from our bin (the metal 9×13 pan on the overflow table) and just added more and brought them home. To hang out with the OTHER 9×13 pan filled with cookies already.

I think I slept ok last night, and felt ok, but when I woke up this morning, my head was hurting again. I drank a couple glasses of water, took a Maxalt, and tried the hand-soaking thing again. I…think? I feel better. Hopefully.


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