Are you ready for more cookies??


T-3 hours until Cookie Exchange #2, hosted by my aunt. This one promises to be even BIGGER than the last, with even MORE CIDER, and MORE COOKIES. We may have even persuaded my bro’s new girlfriend to come. Which would be sweet, because then I won’t be the only person there under 35. Well, my cousin Blythe will probably be there too. But mostly it’s my mom and aunt’s friends.

But there will be cider! Did I mention the cider? I used to go around and serve all the women cider when I was younger and bored. I delighted in helping.

We were at my aunt’s house last night as well. I started developing a migraine around 8:30, which was annoying. My mom’s friend suggested putting my hands in hot water (she is a fellow migraineur). I’d never heard of this before. It’s supposed to open up the capillaries in your hands and draw the blood away from your stupid, stupid, pounding head. It didn’t particularly work for me, but it was interesting. My head was still hurting this morning, and at lunch. When we were at Target, it was getting worse again, and all I could think about was getting home and taking more Maxalt. I bought a dark chocolate bar there, as well (that’s related, because dark chocolate helps my headaches). And then I yawned about eight hundred times and then felt weirdly, magically better. Huh? I still ate a lot of the dark chocolate when we got back, after my mom getting distracted and wandering off about a thousand times. I thought about buying shopping-blinkers for her.

I…think? I am feeling ok now. Hopefully. I will try to stay away from any weird food tonight and no alcohol and hopefully I will be ok.

I miss Mike.


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