Home for the Holidays


On one hand, I really like that I have two weeks off of work for the holidays. I mean, not too many people get that once they finish that pesky school thing.

On the other hand, I don’t really like that they mandate that we have to use 6 days of our vacation for those days we aren’t working (and you know, it’s closed, so we couldn’t actually work even if we wanted).

I consider it a draw, and am trying to enjoy my time off.

I headed to OC this morning. I checked traffic around 9, and figured by the time I got gas, it would clear. And I was right, except for the 805, which was moving like a well-oiled parking lot. I just went up the 5 all the way instead. It was drizzly/misty until I hit Pendleton, and then magically, the clouds parted and it stopped raining. Although, the car in front of me forgot to turn off their windshield wipers for about 20 miles. The rain picked back up in San Juan Capistrano, and it has seriously been continuously raining since. It is still raining. So weird. One of my coworkers was telling me that it’s a “Pineapple Express”, which I suppose means it’s coming from Hawai’i.

Since arriving here, we have done several typical “home” things, like going to Costco and buying a ridiculous amount, watching copious amounts of HGTV at a loud volume, and I’ve been reading the sequel to Pillars of the Earth, World Without End.

This evening, we’re going to my aunt’s house for…random hanging out.

Unrelatedly, the cookie exchange last night was fun, after I got over my “strange people, wringing hands, terribly shy” phase. Andy graciously agreed to carpool with me so I didn’t have to walk around at night alone, since Mike chose Rock Band over cookies. COOKIES! Speaking of cookies:
Hard to see, but this table is filled with cookies.
Terrible picture, but this was the table, laden with all sorts of cookies. My mom is already a huge fan of Matt & Molly’s Fat Bars, and wants the recipe. I’m going to repurpose all those cookies into my aunt’s cookie exchange tomorrow. Nice. I’ll end up not having baked any cookie exchange cookies at all!


2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

    • They advance you days if you don’t have enough to cover the holiday period. Fortunately, our vacation days don’t expire, so we can accumulate them forever, up to a cap of hours determined by your years of service.

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