Ho-ho-holiday Parties!


My work likes their holiday parties. Big time.

There’s a big, institution-wide one that was held last Friday. I didn’t end up going, as I was getting ready for Mike’s birthday party the next day, but there is always booze, food, and a DJ.

Each of the individual departments usually holds their own party, and even some of the business offices have their own luncheon in addition.

The machine shop has an epic all-afternoon blowout, which they held yesterday. I managed to score an entire platter of Xmas cookies, so now I don’t have to bake for Marian’s cookie exchange! Woohoo! (They’re really good, I promise.)

Lastly, the admin building has a potluck luncheon (they’re poor. I remember back in the day, the director paid for a catered lunch for us and there was SALMON. And I was like, SO FANCY). Goodies that I’ve heard of that are showing up today:

Cranberry-jalapeño-cream cheese dip
Massive quantities of snickerdoodles
Sweet potato pie
California roll platter
Homemade guacamole & chips (that’s me!)

I’m drooling already.

Not that that’s a good thing. We had a geek-waffle-breakfast on Wednesday, and there’s been fudge and cookies and candy galore. I’ve been so FULL the last week. I turned down pie last night, even. I just couldn’t bear the thought of eating more food. (For dinner, I had made scrambled eggs with avocado, and sweet potato fries. I was majorly full.)

I don’t think the food-deluge will be over any time soon. I’ll be heading up to OC soon, and there will be more eating, family, eating, cookies, and eating.

Party on, Wayne.


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