Kindle a candle


(Unrelated to the actual topic of this post, I remember learning a song in 2nd grade about Hanukkah. It was something like “Kindle a candle on Hanukkah, kindle a candle tonight, kindle a candle on the menorah, kindle a candle of light”)

Earlier this year, one of my users, who is actually a retiree who sticks around for the heck of it (yes, people actually do this where I work) came by to show off his new iPad. He then mentioned that he now had no use for his Kindle and I piped up, offhand, ha ha, “Oh, I’ll take it!” not actually meaning it.

The next day, he showed up with the Kindle, a case, and a charging cable.

And that is how I got a Kindle for free.

I initially wasn’t too taken with it. I didn’t (and still don’t) like that I don’t have the ability to “thumb” through pages to see how far I am until the next chapter break or what’s coming up or how far I have left (Kindle “locations” are dumb). I think I read a book on it, and had to redownload the user’s manual, because I had no idea how to do simple things, like, delete. Mostly, it languished on the bookshelf.

When we went on our Alaska cruise this summer, I wanted to be sure to stock up on reading material before we left, knowing 3G access could be spotty. I got recommendations from friends and started reading the Temeraire series. Now, for those who don’t know me that well, I am a voracious reader, and can devour a large book in a day. There are 6 books in the Temeraire series. I read all of them during our week long vacation. (Ok, I think I read the last one after we got back, but you get the idea.) I loved that I could just BAM download another book to read without having to go buy it at a store.

The Kindle languished a bit again after the cruise. It’s a 2nd gen model, and the battery is clearly not quite as robust as it used to be. Even with the 3G off, it dies after a few days of disuse.

At Thanksgiving, though, I took it with us to Julian and had downloaded “Unbroken: A World War II Story of (something, something, something)”. I also tried to get into the Mark Twain biography, but it was a little slow in starting. It reignited my reading again. After finishing that, I plowed through all three books in “The Hunger Games”, inspired by He’s still on book 1, and I have devoured all three. I couldn’t not read it. It was consuming. I HAD to finish it as quickly as possible.

Today, I downloaded “The Pillars of Earth”, which someone had recommended to me for Alaska, because I had downloaded a sample, but completely forgotten about it, and just happened to actually buy the book independently of the sample. So far, I’m totally enjoying it. I like that (when I have 3G turned on), it syncs the pages with my iPhone, so if I’m sitting at work, waiting for someone’s progress bar, I can read a page or two.

tl;dr A++ would kindle again, dumb page numbers, wish I had the newer, lighter version!

3 thoughts on “Kindle a candle

  1. Mike

    Amazon knows how to handle reading. They have the iPhone + Kindle + OS X app synchronization down, whereas there is no iBooks OS X app. WTF, Apple?

  2. Kathy

    I have both the Kindle and the Nook apps on my Droid2. I wish there was a trade-in system so that I could have all of my non-art-book physical library converted into a digital library, because it is awesome to have that in your pocket all the time and I hate moving books. It’s nice that the library of congress or whatev has free books, too.

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