Christmas Coooookies


I made a lot of cookies yesterday.

This is the cleaned up, partially eaten picture. You didn’t see the one where there were cookies and frosting on every inch of every surface.

My parents, brother, and his girlfriend came down for the afternoon. I was so incredibly grateful for their help in frosting. It was really awesome to have help!

Here is a bigger version of the cookie tree that I left in the galley this morning. My other Aunt Linda (not to be confused with my Aunt Lynda) makes these cookie trees every year and is really good at it. This one is the least sad version I’ve tried to make.
Here is last year’s rendition:
Christmas Cookie Tree
Kind of sloppy. I used royal icing this year and it seems…cleaner.

Today’s totally unrelated picture:

This is up in our 3rd floor guest room. The sun was glinting off the street sign through the blinds, and it looked really cool!


One thought on “Christmas Coooookies

  1. Kathy

    I love your cookie trees. 🙂 Royal icing gives me flashbacks of the hours and hours of painstakingly icing the 300+ cookies Katie and Bob gave away as their wedding souvenir. That takes some work!! I do think, though, that the “messy” icing on last year’s model was also appropriate because it’s reminiscent of pine needles, sorta.

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